Phnom Santuk

Phnom Santok is a social and characteristic site spotted in Ko Koh town, Ko Koh community, Santuk region, around 17 kilometers south of Kampong Thom commonplace town. The site incorporate four mountains: Phnom Srah Kmao or Phnom Tbeng, Phnom Penhum or Phnom Kraper, Phnom Champa and Phnom Santuk.


Since the old time to the present, Phnom Santuk Mountain has been brought in numerous names as beneath:

– Phnom Thom (ever)
– Phnom Arth Santuk (In history)
– Phnom Chorm Chong Kiri
– Phnom Krop Tuk
– Phnom Preah Bat Chann Tuk

The antiquated legacies on the highest point of the mountain:

– Many Buddha statues were cut from extraordinary mountain rock including three major Buddha statues coming to Nirvana, each has more than 10-meter length.
– Prasat Touch of pyramid shape, made of sandstone, has three stories and three-meter stature, and is placed alongside the antiquated wooden sanctuary (instantly, it is made of concrete) with a rectangular lake (10m x 4m).

– Preah Bat Chann Tuk statue was cut on the stone formed as sustenance of a consecrated human, and there are numerous other little models. By the stories, the development and the statues were raised amid the rule of Preah Ponhea Dharma Reacha (1474-1494) and have been kept up to this point.
Phnom Santuk has changed names to Chorn Chong Kiri and Phnom Krop Tuk. Chan Dare or Chan Chare are called two bits of stone by nearby individuals that join all together in checked image and made in little opening, the traveler touched base there, they generally dropped money coins (antiquated coins) into this little gap. At the point when trade coins was dropped in for money, it make delicate feeble voice like a voice of the winged animals sing or music with joy. So they did that since antiquated period.


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