Neak Pean

Neak Pean was initially intended for medicinal purposes (the people of old accepted that going into these pools would adjust the components in the bather, therefore curing sickness); it is one of the numerous doctor’s facilities that Jayavarman VII constructed. It is taking into account the old Hindu conviction of offset. Four joined pools speak to Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. Each is associated with the focal water source, the primary tank, by a stone channel “directed by one of Four Great Animals (maha ajaneya pasu) in particular Elephant, Bull, Horse, and Lion, relating toward the north, east, south, and west quarters….


The stone courses in the little structures are formed to speak to the leaders of the Four Great Animals…the just exemption being that on the east, which speaks to a human head rather than a bull’s.” Originally, four figures remained on the floor of the lake. The main remaining statue is that of the stallion Balaha, a manifestation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, sparing mariners from the ogresses of Tamradvipa. The sanctuary on the lake was initially devoted to Avalokitesvara. Willetts accepted that “this is Jayavarman as he would have wished to have seemed to his kin.




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