Kamping Puoy Lake

Kamping Pouy Bassin is found between two mountains Phnom Ku or Phnom Ta Ngen and Phnom Kamping Pouy – in Ta Nget Village, Ta Kream Srok cooperative, around 35 kilometers west of the common town.This huge structural building task was fundamental to the Khmer Rouge?s plan to inundate the wide open around Battambang. Appallingly, the development of the Kamping Puoy Reservoir brought about the passings of countless individuals. Not at all like the casualties of S21 and Choeung Ek a large portion of the passings on the Kamping Puoy task were created by hunger, ailment, workaholic behavior or abuse. The passings were so, preventable.
A grasping, instinctive and agonizingly genuine record of life in Battambang under the Khmer Rouge was composed by Haing S. Ngor, the Cambodian specialist, performer and group laborer who won an oscar for the film The Killing Fields. His book Survival in Cambodia’s Killing Fields is maybe the most articulate record of regular life amid the Pol Pot period. It is bound with experiences into the Khmer mind and is eventually a sad read. Kamping Pouy Bassin is 6meters long and 1,900 meters wide. Amid the blustery season the bowl can hold 110 million cubic metere of water, which is utilized principally for farming.


Kamping Pouy bowl is key to this zone. It is currently a prominent cookout site for occupants of Pailin and Battambang in view of its natural air. Lotus blooms develop in the water and close-by you can purchase lotus seeds to eat (they are scrumptious and taste a touch like sweet, uncooked peas). Takream Commune in Banan District is the closest settlement.



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