Bakong (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបាគង) is the first sanctuary pile of sandstone built by leaders of the Khmer domain at Angkor close advanced Siem Reap in Cambodia. In the last many years of the ninth century AD, it served as the authority state sanctuary of King Indravarman I in the old city of Hariharalaya, placed in a region that today is called Roluos.
Roluos Group, Bakong
The structure of Bakong came to fruition of ventured pyramid, famously recognized as sanctuary heap of ahead of schedule Khmer sanctuary structural planning. The striking comparability of the Bakong and Borobudur sanctuary in Java, going into compositional subtle elements, for example, the passages and stairs to the upper patios, proposes firmly that Borobudur was served as the model of Bakong. There must had been trades of explorers, if not mission, between Khmer kingdom and the Sailendras in Java. Transmitting to Cambodia thoughts, as well as specialized and design points of interest of Borobudur, incorporating curved portals.



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