Battambang Province

Dambang Kranhoung (Battambang)Cambodia’s second biggest city lies in the heart of the Northwest and until the war years was the main rice-creating territory of the nation. Battambang did not offer path to the Khmer Rouge development until after the fall of Phnom Penh, yet its been in the focal point of the progressing government Khmer Rouge clash since the time that the Vietnamese intrusion in 1979 pushed the genocidal administration out of Phnom Penh and toward the Northwest.

Until the surrender arrangement of Ieng Sary (Khmer Rouge number three man situated in Pailin),Battambang was the Khmer Rouge in the area. Prior history saw Battambang flip-tumbling over and over again between Thailand (called Siam before their twentieth century renaming) and Cambodia.

Battambang is the fundamental center point of the Northwest uniting the whole locale with Phnom Penh and Thailand, and thusly its an imperative connection for Cambodia. Battambang city is a quiet and lovely place nowadays.

The fundamental parts of the city are arranged shut to the Sangker River, a quiet, little waterway that winds some way or another through Battambang Province. It is a pleasant, beautiful setting. Likewise with a lot of Cambodia, the French structural engineering is an alluring reward of the city.


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